Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Fees and Costs

When I speak with a potential bankruptcy client for the first time, two questions typically come up early on in the conversation: “How much does bankruptcy cost?” and “How can I possibly afford it?” This post discusses the costs of bankruptcy. To read about my thoughts on paying and managing the costs, click here.

In my practice, most clients who file a routine chapter 7 case could expect to pay fees ranging from $1,335 to $1,535. These amounts include both attorney’s fees (usually between $1,000 – $1,200) and the bankruptcy court costs ($335 as of August 2016 and subject to change by the courts). This amount does not include the costs of mandatory credit counseling (typically $10 – $15 per filer for an online course).

The legal fee covers basic services, including:

  • preparing and filing the bankruptcy petition,
  • preparing the client for attending the meeting of creditors, and
  • providing advice about the bankruptcy process.

Occasionally a case involves factors that may require additional work, and therefore additional fees.

I am always happy to provide a free, no-obligation consultation to review your situation, determine if bankruptcy is right for you, and explain the fees involved.

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