Creditor’s Rights

Bankruptcy, Collections, Compliance.

When your customer files a bankruptcy case, it creates a barrier between you and your right to payment or your collateral. The CJL Firm can assist you with penetrating that barrier. Casey has years of experience as an in-house attorney for a national investment firm specializing in the acquisition and management of bankruptcy-impaired debts. He is intimately familiar with creditors’ rights in bankruptcy, including filing proofs of claim, reviewing and objecting to confirmation of bankruptcy plans, moving for relief from the automatic and codebtor stays, obtaining reaffirmation agreements, and moving to question debtors pursuant to Rule 2004.

In addition to protecting creditors’ rights in bankruptcy, the CJL Firm also assists clients with collections. The CJL Firm can assist creditors with demanding payment, negotiating viable payment plans, initiating collection lawsuits, and proceeding with post-judgment collection efforts.

If your company engages in collection efforts itself, the CJL Firm can assist with that, too. Collection of consumer debts is highly regulated. Collection agencies that violate those rules, even if unintentionally, could be exposed to expensive lawsuits and penalties. The CJL Firm can provide guidance on the regulations that apply to your agency and assist with training staff to decrease risk.