Collection & Debt Matters

Holding Debt Collectors Accountable, and Defending Collection Lawsuits and Garnishments

Receiving threatening calls and letters from collection agencies can be terrifying. But did you know that collection agencies are heavily regulated and must follow strict rules in collecting debts? If they violate those rules—which is not uncommon—you may be entitled to recovery. The CJL Firm can analyze letters and calls you are receiving to determine if your rights have been violated.

Sometimes credit card companies and collection agencies take their efforts to the next level by initiating a lawsuit. Being served with legal papers by a sheriff or constable can be embarrassingand terrifying. Unfortunately, too many people do just what the collectors are hoping for—they ignore the situation hoping it will just go away. In such situations the collector gets a default judgment by presenting little if any evidence, and then starts garnishment proceedings.

There is no need to lay down and let credit card companies and collection agencies walk all over you. If you have been served with legal papers, contact the CJL Firm for a free, no-cost assessment of your situation and the defenses that may be available to you.