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Online Court Records: A Quick and Cheap Tool for Screening Tenants and Landlords

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Online court records offer a great, quick and cheap method for screening tenants (and even landlords). Whenever I’m involved in a landlord/tenant case, whether in Rhode Island or Massachsuetts, one of the first thing I do is peruse online court records: I like to know whether my client or the opposing party has ever been

Residential Eviction Process for Non-Payment in Rhode Island – Step 6 of 6: Writ of Execution

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A writ of execution is a formal document needed to move a tenant from a rental unit with the help of a constable or sheriff. An eviction judgment, by itself, is insufficient to remove a residential tenant from a rental unit. The landlord must still request a writ of execution from the court. Whereas a

Residential Eviction Process for Non-Payment in Rhode Island – Step 5 of 6: Judgment

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The judgment indicates which party won the case and what they are legally entitled to. Following the trial, the judge will will weigh the evidence presented by the landlord and tenant and make a decision about who should prevail. The judge’s decision is memorialized in writing in a judgment. If the judgment is in favor